Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm still alive! And the MICF 2012 is a comin'!

Hello. It has been a long time between drinks (read: posts). Sorry, ok? Sorry!  I've had other things on, ok? Jeez. Take it easy. I'm back! You can stop crying into your pillow all night. And get ready for some massif lolz: Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2012 starts in LESS THAN ONE WEEK.

There's lots and lots to be excited about but it's late on a school night and I don't deal well with less than 7 hours sleep so I might just say one thing then go to bed because I have Project Management training to go to tomorrow which means I have to catch the train and I haven't got a ticket so have to get up extra early to go and get one. So. Here 'tis:

I saw Canadian-born, UK-based Pat Burtscher at Adelaide Fringe last week and he is fantastic, and his show wasn't even finished yet. This will be his first MICF trip. He seems generally concerned about the state of the world (in particular the fact that it is swarming with assholes and/or religion) and has a number of slowly delivered, sometimes wonderfully violent, solutions to offer you. He does this great thing where he closes his eyes a lot when he delivers his musings which made me think he was reading them from the back of his eyelids (see below). I liked that. I liked it all.

I am excited about many comedy things but I am more tired than excited and a Louis CK DVD is on in the living room and I can sense the delicious Malteaster treat sitting in the fridge for me. This is what I've been doing instead of blogging. Judge away.

Before I go I would like to thank Al's Music Rant for reminding me that I like to do this thing by inviting me to a thing on facebook. Thanks Al. I look forward to seeing your show.